Beach Days

Sand Dollar Beach Days - Under the Monkey Bars

Sandy Point State Reservation, Plum Island

Beach Days - Under the Monkey Bars

It’s taken us longer than usual to get into our groove this summer, not that we’ve totally found it yet. Over the past two weeks, there have been many lazy pajama mornings, play dates with friends, and Plum Island beach days in between.

Unfortunately, the girls have been fighting more often. It’s been a challenge to keep the peace sometimes. Maybe it’s the slowing down of summer or the unplanned days. It’s amazing to see how accustomed we’ve become to being “busy” with jam packed days. The monkeys seem to get lost in the laziness and then lash out at each other. Day by day, it really has gotten better but we’re still a work in progress. As I figure out what works for them in this stage, they seem to figure out each other as well.

And then there are the moments that as a Mom, I cherish and try to store in the back of my mind for those not so easy days. Cuddling on the couch reading together. Marathon Legos in the living room. Just playing on their own for a few hours. Finding bits of things to create a craft. Pretending to be spies in the backyard. Hearing a sweet hug and an “I love you.” Three little words that just melt my heart and remind me why I love being a Mom.

So far this summer, we’ve enjoyed our beach days the most. No one fights and everyone is happy. Their faces light up at the beach like nowhere else. No matter how many hermit crabs or snails they find, each one is special and unique — and worth a, “Mommy, you have to see this!” These monkeys of mine love to explore, imagine, and create. The beach is their canvas, and every day is a new masterpiece. 

Beach Days - Under the Monkey Bars

At the beach, they are free like birds. Loving life. Remembering what summer’s all about. Learning to accept each other and love each other no matter what, because that’s what sisters do. Who knew all we needed were a few beach days to sort out the bickering and relax just a little bit more?

I’m taking some of our blank calendar boxes and filing them with BEACH! Because like home cooked meals, beach days are good for the soul. Hours of sunny play time at the beach, a long shower outside, and a little downtime is the recipe for a perfect summer day for me and my monkeys. 

What’s your favorite kind of summer day?