Birthday Spa Day

Spa Day at Interlocks Salon + Spa in Newburyport - Under the Monkey Bars Blog

Don and the girls gave me one of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts: a spa day!

I booked my spa day right away to celebrate birthday #38, but the stomach bug had other plans for me and Sweet Pea. My poor monkey was so sick.

Yesterday was my birthday spa day redux and it was FABULOUS! I spent 9am to 12pm at the newly renovated Interlocks Salon + Spa in Newburyport. It was my first time there since they expanded — and I’m in love.

Spa Day Massage at Interlocks in Newburyport - Under the Monkey Bars Blog

The spa is open, airy, and really well designed. It’s decorated in soothing grays, complimenting the water views and exposed brick. The new pedicure stations have the most beautiful soaking tubs. I couldn’t help but notice the artwork while I was there. So many gorgeous paintings! Interlocks is just what you picture in your mind for the perfect space to escape and rejuvenate. Pure bliss! I’m adding to my list of happy places…

It takes me a while to relax. I had my massage first, then a pedicure and manicure. It’s amazing how the stress just melts away. My extra long to-do list vanished from my mind. Everything was soothing…relaxing…and spa-licious. I could do this every day!

I love reading books that Bean recommends. "Small as an Elephant" by Jennifer Richard Jacobson is her latest. It's really good so far.

I love reading books that Bean recommends. “Small as an Elephant” by Jennifer Richard Jacobson is her latest. It’s really good so far.

We all need to take a day off now and then. We’re so busy that we can’t imagine taking the time to care for ourselves — but it makes our bodies work so much better. What a difference a day off makes for mental clarity and overall health.

Whether you make yourself an appointment, buy a gift certificate for a friend, or create a home spa in your bathroom, DO IT. You deserve it and so do the people you love. Find your happy place.

Yoga is my Therapy


Yoga Mat :: Manduka
Tank :: Lululemon {similar}
Live In Leggings :: Zella
Tibetan Prayer Beads worn as bracelet :: Mandala Crafts


I’ve been taking yoga classes since the year 2000, but I didn’t call myself a yogi until recently.  I truly found my yoga practice when Sweet Pea started preschool and I had 6 hours to myself a week.  6 whole hours!  Inconceivable in the early days of parenthood, especially when grandparents aren’t close by.

I found a yoga studio in the same plaza as a grocery store, drug store, dry cleaners, ATM, and one of my favorite shops —TJ Maxx.  Location, location, location!  I could get all of my errands done and maximize my coveted 3 hours.  Buddhaful Souls Yoga Studio became my home away from home as I would religiously loose myself between the pink mirror-less walls of the studio.

Yoga has taught me so many lessons, but most importantly: to be mindful.  When I get frustrated waiting in a long line at the grocery store, I remember to breathe.  I’ve learned to be in the moment and to cherish the time I have with my monkeys now that they are both in elementary school and I seem to have less and less time with them.  During last week’s school vacation, I stretched here and there, but being back in the studio yesterday felt fantastic.  It’s a feeling I can’t recreate at home.

Yoga dissolves my stress and anxiety.  My body craves the stretching and my mind craves the break. I don’t think about my to-do list or plan meals, and when my mind drifts off, I bring it back to the present.  Yoga helps me take care of myself and my mental health.

I’ve never breathed so deeply.  I’ve never understood my body so well.  I’ve never felt so strong.  Yoga is truly therapeutic.  The consistency of going to class 2-3 times a week keeps me sane.  I’d take a yoga class over a day at the spa any day (well, I guess I could actually use a massage…maybe next week?).  

I truly believe that yoga is for every body.  You have to find the right teacher and the right studio for you.  I don’t do incense.  I hate mirrors.  I love props.  It took me years to figure this out…and I’m so happy I did.  Because yoga is my therapy, and I can’t wait to be on my mat again today.


{which means, I bow to you…and I definitely do. thanks for reading!}