Long Winter Farm

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They did it. Our friends purchased a 49 acre farm in Stowe, Vermont. Long Winter Farm is truly magical! 

It’s not just a farm. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains, Long Winter Farm is an organically driven farm with a vision of nourishing the Nebraska Valley. It’s a work in progress like most things in life, but in our eyes, it’s already perfect. 

We met the farm’s owners, Annie and Andrew Paradee, through the Busters ski program at Stowe Mountain. Annie was Sweet Pea’s ski coach last season. We wouldn’t have made it through the dark days of March after Don’s injury without her grocery deliveries and hours of babysitting. She’s quickly become an irreplaceable part of our village.

I’m so incredibly proud of these two! Annie and Andrew had a dream, and now it’s become a reality. They’re actually farmers. Along with some help from friends and family, they’ve been working extra long days to set up their start-up farm since passing papers through Stowe Land Trust this past April. A few of their many accomplishments include cleaning out the barns, planting organic seeds, and building a chicken coop.

We visited Long Winter Farm for the first time a few weeks ago. I’d been following updates on Facebook and Instagram since the winter, so couldn’t wait to actually see the farm in person and, of course, give Annie a big hug.

But seeing everything through the monkeys eyes was even better than seeing it for myself. The girls were beyond excited with tons of questions. What kind of fruits and vegetables will you grow? Do the chickens peck you? Can I pet one? How many eggs do they lay a day? What other animals will you have at the farm? There’s so much to learn about farm life.

Annie is no longer just Coach Annie. She now owns a farm with crops, chickens, eggs, pigs, and a shiny blue tractor. She’s the same person we know and love but now she and her husband have made their dream of owning a farm come true.

When we got in the car to head home, Sweet Pea said, “I wonder what their next dream will be….” She noticed that a dream came true for our friends, truly a powerful moment for me as a Mom. I couldn’t have picked better role models for the monkeys if I tried. 

We’re so honored to have these two in our lives. Do you know a farmer? I highly recommend it.

My Favorite Fall Outfit

Under the Monkey BarsUnder the Monkey BarsUnder the Monkey Bars

Leather Jacket :: Levi’s {similar}Sweater :: Free People {last season}
Wide Strap Tank :: Zara
Leggings :: BCBGMAXAZRIABoots :: Frye
Watch :: Michele Chronograph

It’s funny how fate can jump right into your inbox.  The day I decided to start this blog I received an email from Kelly Mintz at SEE Shore Photography looking for a model for a teaching shoot.  Not having any good pictures of myself was on my list of excuses as to why I couldn’t start a blog.  Here we go…

On the day of the shoot, I realized pretty quickly that the photography student, Vicki Hendrix, was really talented.  It was fun to model for Vicki while listening to Kelly teach.

For the shoot, we went to Spencer-Pierce-Little Farm in Newbury, a historical 230-acre farm that was home to a Lithuanian family for most of the twentieth century.  I wasn’t aware of the history of the farm until I just googled it now.  See, I’m half Lithuanian.  Pretty cool connection! This little farm is full of old world charm, New England style, and I totally love that.

I chose this outfit for the shoot because it is truly me.  It’s comfortable, and it can go anywhere at anytime.  The true test of a good outfit, don’t you think?  I could never go into a store and buy an “outfit.”  To me, an outfit comes from various sources and becomes uniquely your own.  I love to bring clothes home and see what pops out of my closet to create a unique outfit.  I have less time to put things together these days, which makes it even more of a challenge.

The girls and I sometimes have “fashion challenges” where we wear clothes or accessories we haven’t worn in a while.…or ever.  It’s a fantastic closet cleaning game.  Try it in your closet.  It’s amazing what treasures you can find in there!


Note: This is not a sponsored post.