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Happy 2016! How were your holidays? We had a blast skiing and sledding over winter vacation despite the lack of snow in New England. We found a balance between time with family and friends, as well as special time with just the four of us. Cuddling up by the fire with my monkeys was the best!

Who else is having trouble getting back in the swing? I’ve been busy restocking the house, catching up on laundry, and digging out of email. It was wonderful to disconnect for a week and a half, but boy does everything pile up!

January is one of my absolute favorite months. I feel the urge to purge and I have to go with it because most of the time I want to keep my stuff. I’m only a few chapters into Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I’m dying to dig my hands in. No shopping until I get this house in ship-shape! How’s that for motivation? 

Warning: this this glossary of Boston slang will cause fits of laughter whether you live in Massachusetts or not. I was shocked that Don didn’t know that “wiffle” is a boy’s short haircut, which is how we found this gem. Thank you Google!

Find out what kind of calls cops in ski towns receive in the Best of Stowe’s 2015 police blotter. More laughs, guaranteed.

What were your favorite holiday gifts? I’m in love with the little wool lamb that Bean made me (it looks nothing like the picture, which is why I love it more). Sweet Pea made us a glittery snowman plaque that we’ll hang proudly all winter. Also loving this clean eating cookbook, cozy slippers, and this tote

Turns Out Monkey Bars And Kickball Might Be Good For The Brain. Love this NPR story. Hopefully more school districts and states will jump on board. 

“A horse, a bachelorette and a unicorn walk into a mansion…” The Bachelor is back! Lots of interesting ladies, and plenty of characters. Another entertaining season ahead. I can feel my brain cells evaporating while I’m watching but I can’t look away (#addicted). Please tell me I’m not alone!

This and That…

Make A Fairy - Under the Monkey Bars Blog

How was your weekend? We had such a fantastic time in Stowe! Details soon, promise. 

In the meantime, so much to share!

The monkeys are currently obsessed with making fairies. They come out really cute, right? You know how I feel about crafts. With a nice cup of tea on the deck, I can totally make fairies. Highly recommend this kit if you’re looking for a gift or just an extra craft to have on hand, because after you make the fairies together, they play with them! I love seeing their imaginations at work.

Who else is an Amazon Prime junkie? We have boxes arriving more than I care to admit. The free two-day shipping is faster than I can get to the store — especially in the summer with these monkeys. Wednesday is Prime Day for us prime-aholics with deals supposedly better than Black Friday. I’m clicking over to see if these and these are on sale Wednesday. I tried both on over the weekend and fell in love…

I pinned this article to my It’s finally SUMMER Pinterest board but it’s worth a mention here too. We have friends staying with us in a few weeks and I totally love this prep list for houseguests, especially numbers 7 and 22! 

When we moved into this house two years ago, the girls asked what the iron was…because they had never seen me use it (my Mom is gasping right now). Click through for 7 Ways to Iron Without an Iron. You’re welcome.

Providence, RI is rated #2 on this best cities for foodies list. Road trip!

Summer means we buy a big chunk of watermelon every week…if not a whole one. Clever Ways to Cut a Watermelon is today’s time saver.

Interesting article from Newsweek highlighting new studies on fluoridation. There’s insufficient evidence that adding fluoride to drinking water prevents cavities. While further research is necessary, it seems the risks outweigh the benefits. Hey Newburyport, time to reconsider adding fluoride to our tap water – thanks! Does your town practice fluoridation? 

Moving onto something a bit lighter…I can’t believe Kaitlyn said goodbye to Jared last week on the The Bachelorette. Even if he wasn’t a New Englander, he would still be my favorite favorite. Who’s your pick for the last man standing: Shawn or Nick? I’ve walked through the grocery check out with my eyes closed for weeks. Please, tabloids. Don’t ruin my Bachelorette finale! A girls got to have some surprises, right?

This and That…

This and That - Under the Monkey Bars Blog

How was your weekend? We had a great one with the monkeys! Totally brilliant plan Saturday night: 5pm dinner at PI Grille, then straight to the beach. I love seeing my monkeys in that state of pure beachy bliss. A little slice of Heaven, I tell you. 

We relaxed all day Sunday. Rain makes me want to curl up with a good book, which I did with Bean for a few hours. Then I did what we all hate doing. I cleaned out my inbox, and here’s what I found. Plus this and that…

5 items every stylish girl will wear this summer. I think I’m good…skipping the fringe trend, but have always had my eye on these. Maybe I’ll grab a pair if fringe is still hot in the fall.

Did you see the Food Revolution rap video about nutrition?!? Jamie Oliver, Ed Sheeran, Hugh Jackman, and Paul McCartney…need I say more? I signed the petition.

Meet George Jetson’s trash can. It texts and vacuums and can be part of your kitchen this fall. I have enough people talking in my house. Not sure I want to hear from the trash can too. I may have to see this can’s moves to believe it. 

If GMOs are safe, why not label them? Read this op-ed by Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario. She went to DC in May to speak with lawmakers about how our country lacks laws requiring the labeling of GMO food. The United States is so far behind the 64 countries around the word that require food labeling — including 28 nations in the European Union as well as Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and China. USA: catch up!

I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but who else watches the Bachelorette? I’m sooooo glad Kaitlyn is our girl! Who are you rooting for? My favorites are Jared from RI and Joshua the welder. That rose! ABC had me at Trista + Ryan. I can’t turn back now.

Well, now you know one of my secrets. Might as well share another! I’ve told at least five strangers about this product already and I absolutely have to share it with you: root touch up spray. A must try if you color your hair. Best quick fix between appointments or boxes. 

Happy Monday, friends! It’s going to be a stellar June, don’t you think?