Nordstrom Kids’ Fashion Show

Nordstrom Show

I can’t tell you how excited I was when the girls were asked to be in the Nordstrom Kids’ Fashion Show at the North Shore Mall.  Bean wants to be a fashion designer and Sweet Pea has been in a fashion funk so the opportunity came at just the right time.

The event was really well coordinated and executed, not surprisingly.  We set up an appointment at the store a week before the show for the girls to choose their outfits and understand the set up of the show.

I was curious to see what outfit Sweet Pea would put together because for the past few months, she has been wearing jeans and plain shirts.  Totally not Sweet Pea at all.  Everyone knows that she is all about dresses, accessories, and jewelry.  Something must have happened at school because this started back in September…

After choosing jeans and a plain white T-shirt for the show, Sweet Pea sat in the corner of the dressing room sulking.  We had a little talk, and I could see her coming around.  She stood up tall and told me that she was going to be herself.  She marched out of the dressing room and chose a dress that was so her, it could have been made for her.  When I saw Sweet Pea looking at herself in the mirror, I could almost see her glow.

It’s important to me that the girls are comfortable being themselves.  In the car ride home after choosing outfits for the fashion show, Sweet Pea said, “I’m looking out at the clouds thinking about how lucky I am.  I’m so happy to be me!”  Mission accomplished!

Under the Monkey Bars

A week later, we arrived at Nordstrom on a Saturday at 8:30am for the show.  The girls got dressed in their outfits, then had their makeup done.  Makeup is super duper exciting for them.  They have worn makeup only for Halloween and end of year dance shows.  I brought my own Tarte makeup to ensure it was gluten free and safe for them to wear.

The show was only for family and friends, so it wasn’t overwhelming at all.  When the kids walked down the runway, one of the store managers talked about their outfit and said what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Ages ranged from toddlers to 12, with careers including museum curator, veterinarian, and car wash guy (I thought that was hysterical).  The show was both adorable and entertaining.

Under the Monkey Bars

Under the Monkey Bars

Bean and Sweet Pea were a little nervous before the show started.  They had some time to sit and color Frozen pictures, which was a really sweet touch.  When it was finally their turns, Bean went first without any hesitation.  She even threw her arms up and posed!  Then Sweet Pea rocked the runway with her giant smile.  What a way to build self confidence and conquer fears!

It’s been great to see Sweet Pea’s confidence shine since the show.  She has become more comfortable expressing herself through fashion.  She is back to wearing dresses to school and is no longer giving us a hard time choosing her outfits for school.  I could never have imagined that a fashion show would have such an impact on my girls.  It was a wonderful experience, and they have definitely gotten good use of the outfits they chose.  A win-win for all three of us fashionistas!

Under the Monkey Bars

Bean :: Wants to be a fashion designer, spy, food critic, and wildlife biologist.
Pom-Pom Hat :: Tucker + Tate
Infinity Scarf :: Tucker + Tate
Lace Sweatshirt Dress :: Ben Sherman
Leggings :: Tucker + Tate
Bailey Button Boots :: UGG

Under the Monkey Bars

Sweet Pea :: Wants to own a barn and teach kids how to ride horses.
Knit Beanie :: Tucker + Tate
Parisian Charm Necklace :: Stella & Dot
Animal Print Dress :: W girl
Patent Boots :: Primigi


Note: This post was not sponsored by Nordstrom.  Bean and Sweet Pea styled themselves with some help from Lisa Finn in the Kids’ Department.