Back to School

Back to School - Under the Monkey Bars

The countdown is on. T-11 days until school starts. YIKES! I’ve already seen so many first day of school pictures on Facebook. Thankfully we’re starting late this year as I’m not quite ready for my monkeys to go back to school!

How have three months passed so quickly? We’ve had quite a summer. We’ve laughed, cried, day tripped, and road tripped. Whether hanging around the house or on an adventure, we’ve learned a lot about each other and have crossed lines through virtually every item on our Summer Fun List. There are new scars, blonder curls, and taller girls.

I really can’t believe how much these monkeys have grown. Bean “borrowed” a few t-shirts of mine that have somehow stayed her room. She’s seriously almost my size! Together we cleaned out closets and drawers. Well, except for Sweet Pea who refuses. She’s a lot like me and doesn’t love change. It’s so hard to say good bye to old favorites, but try as she might, the 4/5’s just won’t fit!

We’re planning our back to school clothes shopping for late September when we can actually wear long sleeves, sweaters, and tights. The sales should be good, and as you know I love a good sale! At least we finished the school supply shopping. Target had such cute stuff that I apparently needed some supplies for myself and of course some new essentials for the homework station. Anything to get those monkeys excited and motivated, right?

We’re *trying* to go to bed a bit earlier every night. Even I’m sleeping in past 7am, which won’t get us to school on time! After school activities are on the calendar — yet not taking it over. The babysitter is booked for back to school night in September, our library book basket is filled, and new lunch boxes are ready to slide into last year’s backpacks.

All in all, these monkeys are ready to go back to school. But if you ask, “Are you ready for school?” They say no. They want to savor every last minute of summer. We just need these last days of summer to really be ready for the change and for “back to school.”  

I’m having a hard time letting go of my first and fourth graders. I’m trying to remember to say second and fifth. With each new grade, there are new friends, new experiences, and new challenges. The hardest part for me is letting them go. They always seem to grow up so much after entering the school’s metal doors in September. As much as I’d like to make time stand still, I know I need to hold my chin up and be ready for this next school year and whatever it brings.

Thank goodness for my friend’s annual Champagne and Kleenex party the first week of school. Together we’ll celebrate and mourn the start of the 2015-2016 school year. I really miss my monkeys when they go back to school, but great friends always make the transition easier! 

What are you doing to prepare for the new school year? 

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  1. says

    Oh I’m not ready!!! You can feel a shift in the air as summer is fleeting. Guess I should get those supplies. Loving the Kleenex + champagne party – that should help with the sting! Have a great school year!