Best. Sandals. Ever.

Red Yokono Wedge - Under the Monkey Bars

Cadiz Red Wedge Sandal :: Yokono

Brown Yokono Wedge - Under the Monkey Bars

Cadiz Brown Wedge Sandal :: Yokono

You know when I find good things, I share. I’m obsessed with these sandals!!

I made room in my suitcase for my first pair of Yokono wedge sandals a few years ago on a trip to Madrid. I’ve worn them so much that I had to get some new colors and styles this summer. I searched high and low, finally finding an online store in London that ships to the States! The new sandals are just as comfortable as my original pair…and now I have 3 🙂

Why are these sandals the best sandals ever? I knew you’d ask!

Yokono shoes are handmade in Spain. There’s no break-in time because the leather is super soft like butter. My original pair looks almost new. These wedges are just the right height for every day wear and light as a feather. I can walk in them for miles with no blisters (which is huge for me because of my foot issues). They don’t have that “I’m wearing sensible shoes” look either – you know the ones. Yokono shoes run true to size; I wear a 36 or 6 1/2. And there’s a ladybug on the bottom. How fun is that?

It would be amazing if a store like Nordstrom would offer Yokono shoes in the States. Hey Nordstrom: This brand is IT! Can’t wait to see the boots in Yokono’s Fall line up.

What’s your favorite summer sandal? Share in the comments!

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  1. Erika Joyner says

    I’ve seen you wear these sandals – they are incredible. So true – the old ones still look just as good as the new ones.