A Bluebird Day

Don and I are halfway through our Stowe, Vermont get-away.  It’s our fourth time here and definitely not our last.
We love the grandeur of Mount Mansfield (the tallest peak in VT).  The skiing is phenomenal with long, wide trails to cruise as well as steep challenging runs.  Farm-to-table restaurants are at every turn, not surprising with the Vermont Fresh Network.  Eating out here is easy with tons of gluten free, paleo, and vegan options.  Wait – did I mention the shopping?  Oh, the shopping!  I’ll share some of our finds in a more in-depth review next week.  Back to the skiing…
GraydayOur first ski day was a snowy, snowy, snowy gray day.  We explored the mountain and managed to ski some of the runs Bean planned for us.  I felt frustrated with the conditions.  I love speed and couldn’t move as fast as I typically ski with mounds of snow everywhere.  I’m all about a fresh coat of powder but this was a LOT of snow.  Because I don’t know the mountain, I couldn’t tell if the mounds were powder or moguls.  Not the best ski day for me but we had a great time together none-the-less.  
GondolierYesterday was a blue-sky stunner of a day, or in skier speak, a bluebird day.  The trails were machine groomed packed powder — my favorite conditions.  I skied the fastest of my life on our first run down Gondolier.  I needed to get some speed out of my system after the day before.  It felt incredible.  We skied all over the mountain in record time.  No lift lines!  It was “like you read about,” as my Dad says.  My mind was clear from turn to turn, trail to trail.  I flew as if I had wings.  Skiing gives me such a rush.
We had the trail to ourselves for so many of our runs yesterday.  For us, it’s like being on our own beach.  We are skiing separately, but always connected.  I love this about our relationship.  Skiing side by side on a tiny trail like Switchback was so romantic.  It’s perfect.  And it’s so us.  Two skiers dancing with the mountain, together. 
We have two days of skiing, shopping, spa-ing, snowshoeing, and eating ahead of us.  We’re savoring every minute but seriously missing those monkeys!  Thank goodness for FaceTime. 
Next week you can expect reviews on our favorite Stowe spots and recommendations.  Wait until you hear about where we’re staying!  Until then, may the skies be blue and the trails look like my favorite corduroys. 
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