On Friday morning after dropping off the monkeys at school, I gassed up in preparation for our trip to Loon over February Vacation.  The great thing about this winter is we have tons of snow!  The bad thing is that snow hides high curbs really well.  So I hit a curb at the gas station.  Whoops!!   The car drove fine around town the rest of the day, so Don reassured me that the red paint that rubbed off was nothing more than a battle scar for Knight (the monkeys name our cars…Don’s Mini is the evil emperor Zurg).  A little red mark on my car for Valentine’s Day…no big deal, right?

We were all set to drive up to the mountains on Friday after school until little Sweet Pea started crying.  She wanted to wake up on Valentine’s Day at home.  I’m sure you understand why we call her Sweet Pea; she is just the sweetest!  We couldn’t say no, and frankly I welcomed not having to rush up, especially when the forecast was so grim.

On Saturday morning, we exchanged homemade valentines and devoured a Daddy-style breakfast.  We drove up in two cars: Don had to be back for work on Tuesday and the monkeys and I were planning to relax, ski, and hang with family and friends.

We were a 1/2 hour away from Loon when my car started acting up.  First, the wheel was crooked.  Then, the back end started fish tailing.  After the second fish tail, I knew it wasn’t the snow on the road.  Something was really wrong and I had that out-of-control “we’re going to die” feeling.  Sweet Pea was in the backseat oblivious as my heart raced and my body started to sweat.  I was completely terrified as our lives flashed before my eyes.

In that moment, I was thankful for my yoga breathing and for my green tea that stays super hot in my favorite mug.  It calmed my nerves on the slow drive to the next exit, which seemed like forever.  Most of all, I’m thankful for my amazing husband Don, who always comes to my rescue.  We switched cars and he drove my car the rest of the way.  It was an hour worth of back roads all the way to Loon with not one complaint from my monkeys.  I squeezed and kissed these three to pieces when we arrived.  So thankful to be here in one piece!

Apparently I caused some damage to the car when I hit the curb at the gas station.  When I finally felt safe, the guilt set in.  This was all my fault.  I ruined the girls’ February Vacation…our vacation…our precious time together.  The house back in Newburyport is still under construction and won’t be the most relaxing place for a vacation.

I absolutely love escaping to the mountains.  There’s a different vibe up here.  Bean reads a ton while Sweet Pea plays dolls and pretends in the playroom.  We have movie nights and game nights.  We ski most days, inhaling that fresh mountain air that helps everyone sleep better.  It’s been about a month that Sweet Pea has been waking up with nightmares.  I think I could fall asleep standing up at this point.  Oh, parenthood.  We really need this vacation!


Don changed the tire yesterday and the car is no longer fish tailing.  He thinks I bent the rim, which would be much better than if I damaged the entire car frame.  He is calling our mechanic first thing today to figure out if the girls and I can stay up here.  We’ve been looking forward to this week of rest and relaxation with no to-do’s or commitments.  Praying I didn’t ruin our vacation…

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  1. Kelly says

    You certainly didn’t ruin the vacation — it’s just another adventure! Another memory to relive for years to come! And don’t forget that you’re teaching the girls how to gracefully handle stressful situations; how your family comes together under unforeseen circumstances; how ‘the adventure continues’ despite best laid plans. Keep on keepin’ on, Mama! 🙂

  2. Erika Joyner says

    Oh no! My sweet friend! Darn that curb – why did it have to be there? I hope it’s minimal damage and glad to hear that you won’t let this little “bump” in the road get you down.


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