Your Test Kitchen

kitchen shelves

My house is my sanctuary.  It is a safe place for my family.  I can let my guard down and allow myself to relax here more than any other place.  There are no fears of allergic reactions.  Nothing in our house has come near a peanut; nothing has been contaminated by gluten.  Bean and Sweet Pea are free to eat whatever they want.

I’m constantly cooking and looking for new recipes for my foodies.  I have three; four if I count myself.  We have tons of go-to recipes that we love: almost 500 stored in Evernote plus many dogeared cookbooks.  Each week I try to incorporate at least one new recipe.  I don’t always meet that goal but everyone is pumped when I do!

Think of my house as your test kitchen.  I’ll post my own recipes that I’ve developed over the years.  However, most of my recipes are from cooks and bloggers across the web.  You can expect to see round ups of the best crock pot recipes, easy weeknight dinners, and favorite snacks.  I promise to share only tried and true recipes that we love, adding in my own spin and shortcuts.  If my kids eat it, maybe yours will too!

I truly believe that food is love.  My grandmothers would be proud.  The way I cook and think about food goes back to their time, when everyone ate real, whole food and there was no junk food.  Cooking for yourself and your family will make everyone healthier and happier.  It’s made all the difference in the world for us.


This is our kitchen.  Someday I hope to show you these photos as “before” shots.  Don and I have visions of making our kitchen almost commercial with no plans of starting a business.  I’m in the kitchen so much that I’m always coming up with ideas to improve efficiency.  We are constantly adding to our idea books on  Until then, here’s your test kitchen.

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